ESTATE, EDUCATION, & retirement plans made easy!

Estate Planning



Estate Planning can often be a daunting task figuring out how to structure the estate, what passes through a Will, and how to ensure your family is protected. In the day & age, Blended Family Estate Planning is also increasing. Let us help you figure out:

- Do you need a Will?

- Do you need a Power of Attorney?

- Do you need a Representation Agreement?

- Do you need a Co-Habitation Agreement?

- What is Probate & how to minimize it?

- Why beneficiary designations are so important?

- Should a Trust be used?

- For Partnerships & Businesses, how to structure a proper Buy-Sell Agreement?

- How to minimize taxes on death?

- Charitable Giving strategies 

Education Planning



Education planning for yourself, a spouse, a child or a grandchild can be overwhelming and confusing. With many products available in the marketplace such as Registered Education Saving Plans  (RESP) to Personal Loans, we can help you create the best plan :

- use your own money?

- take a bank student loan?

- take a government student loan?

- use a scholarship RESP?

- use a regular RESP? 

- use a line of credit?

- take out a mortgage or home equity?

- use Lifelong Learning Plan?

- take money from a Tax Free Savings Account?

- take money from a Registered Savings Plan?

Retirement Planning


A recent 2018 CIBC poll said, the average amount that Canadians save for retirement is only $184,000, while 30 per cent of respondents said they have no retirement savings and 19 per cent have saved less than $50,000. * 

Let us help you manage your Retirement Plan so that you can live the lifestyle you want around the money you have. 

Having a written financial plan is key factor to success. 

Just like a successful business plan or professional athlete , to achieve great end results requires proper coaching and direction. A successful retirement can mean having a comprehensive written retirement plan.